We are a small natural dye business run by two sisters based in Cambridge, UK. We dye all of our yarn by hand in small batches using only natural dyes, many of which we grow, forage or recycle from kitchen scraps.


We have a passion for nature and natural materials and dye only high quality, natural and non-superwash wool which we believe preserves the lively character and body of the yarn as well as being environmentally friendly. Find out more on our blog "Let's talk about super wash"


We aim to show that natural dyes can be fun, colourful and whimsical. Our colourways and one of a kind skeins feature gorgeous warm and natural tones which never clash, we also dye a lot of speckled and colourful skeins that produce stunning and unique pieces.



All of our yarn is dyed 100% with natural materials, predominately from plants. We source as much as possible of our dye materials from kitchen waste, sustainable local foraging and our own organically grown dye garden. We never use any toxic materials in our dyeing process.

If you're interested in finding out more about natural dyes and how to grow and dye them yourself take a look at our downloadable guide here.


We take care to source high quality and sustainable yarn for all of our bases. The majority is sourced and spun in the Falkland islands and UK. We always prefer to use non-superwash wool. The superwash process, uses harsh chemicals and vast amounts of water to remove the outer scales of the fibres in order to make them smooth and resistant to felting at high temperatures. Not only does this come with a heavy environmental footprint, it also removes the natural texture and volume of the wool leaving it flat and without character. So in return for gently hand washing your precious crafted items, you get a super soft and squishy yarn that’s full of character and you’re reducing your environmental impact, so it’s a win-win!


Our yarns are thoroughly rinsed after dyeing, however it is normal for some colour to bleed during use and during the first wash.


Natural dyes can change colour and fade over time, especially when exposed to strong light or harsh detergents. The maturation of natural dyes is one of the beauties of the natural dye process. The process is slow and can be minimised by taking care of your yarn by storing and drying away from direct sunlight. 


We recommend minimising washing of your work, when washing, hand wash only using cool water gentle neutral pH soaps. Gently reshape while damp and dry flat.