• Iris

Pattern: Elfin Lace Socks

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Pattern is toe up and written for magic loop knitting one sock at the same time, but is easily adaptable to DPNs and knitting two socks at a time.

Yarn: 4ply / Fingering sock yarn.

Needles: 2.75mm long circular needles, or needles required to get gauge. I prefer finer tipped needles to make the lace knitting easier.

Gauge: 34 sts, 44 rows per 4 inch in stockinette.

Size: The pattern is written for a UK size 6.5 (EU 40, US 9). The length can be easily adapted and width can be changed by adding or removing stitches in multiples of 16. Size can also be altered by changing gauge.


· K (knit)

· K2tog (knit two stitches together)

· Ktbl (knit one stitch through the back loop)

· P (purl)

· ssk (slip, slip, knit two slipped stitches together)

· w&t (wrap and turn)

· yo (yarn over)

· sl 2 knitwise-k1-p2sso (slip, slip, knit one, pass two slipped stitches overthe knit stitch)

Cast on:

Cast on 16 stitches (8 on each needle using magic loop method)

I like to use Judy’s magic cast-on for toe-up socks (free tutorial here) and cast on both socks at a time on long circular needles.


Round 1: *K1, yo, K to last st on needle, yo, K1* twice (4 sts increased)

Round 2: *K1, Ktbl, K to last two sts on needle, Ktbl, K1* twice

Repeat rounds 1 & 2 until you have a total of 60 stitches (30 on each needle)


Start the lace pattern in the first 30 stitches of each round (place a stitch marker at the start of the round to help keep track), then K to end of round.

Lace pattern: