Afternoon Tea Sweater Pattern (English)

Afternoon Tea Sweater Pattern (English)


The Afternoon Tea Sweater is a celebration of colour and texture, combining simple colour work and lace to create a rich look and feel. Worked in 4ply yarn this sweater is lightweight and a perfect accompaniment to your spring and autumn wardrobe. The construction is a simple top down yoke knit in the round giving you total freedom over the final look and fit. Choose between either a casual cropped length and ¾ sleeve or full length sleeve and body.

Bust Sizes:

32” (34”, 36”, 38”, 40”(42”, 44”, 46”, 48”) (52”, 56”, 60”, 64”)

82cm (86cm, 92cm, 96cm, 100cm(106cm, 112cm, 116cm, 122cm) (123cm, 142cm, 152cm, 162cm)

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