Silk Scarf Dye Kit

Silk Scarf Dye Kit


*** UK & EU only ***


Want to explore nature’s colours at home and try your hand at creating a fibre based, wearable and naturally dyed work of art?


Our Silk Scarf Dye kit contains everything you need to get started.

Silk Scarf Square 55 x 55cm, Pongee 5mm, pre treated with alumn

(You can also upgrade to a 150cm x 40cm, Habotai Silk Scarf 8mm)

Several small bags of natural dye materials such as flowers, barks and beetles

Basic dye instructions

All you need to do is arrange your natural dye materials in an artistic fashion, steam, cool and wash. Each kit will contain a random mixture of natural dye materials in small bags.

One scarf kit: A single alum treated scarf and at least 3-4 natural dyes

Two scarf kit: Two alum treated scarves and at least 6-7 natural dyes

Please note that colours are just an indicator, as we are dealing with nature you can never know the outcome! Just enjoy the ride and marvel at the power of natural dyes.

Due to customs requirements for dried plant material this is only available in the EU.

Sadly we must admit to having to provide some of the dye materials in small plastic bags, we try to minimise plastic use as far as possible, and all of these bags are reused from things like seed orders. The remianer of the packaging is plastic free as ususal.